Individual, Marriage, and Family Psychotherapy  Whether you need help coping as a family or have very individual and personal concerns that require the skilled care of a seasoned professional, Dr. Pontius is the one to call first.  He has over two decades of experience dealing with family issues surrounding all types of heart wrenching problems.  Dr. Pontius completed four years of post-graduate training at the Gestalt Therapy Institute of Los Angeles.  He has also pursued specialized training in Applied Behavior Analysis and in developmental approaches to treating autistic spectrum disorders.   Dr. Pontius' focus varies with those who seek his help.  For some, change happens best from the inside out, for others the most important thing is to stop problem beahvior as soon as possible and before it gets any worse.  Treatment plans are individualized, and Dr. Pontius is open to any questions concerning treatment at any time during its course.  Psychological, Educational, and Neuropsychological Assessment  Most psychological and developmental disorders are diagnosed through a comprehensive diagnostic interview.  At times, this process uncovers more questions that it answers.  When formal testing is needed to arrive at a diagnosis or to measure a persons abilities in specific areas, a seasoned professional is needed to choose, administer and interpret the appropriate tests.  In the assessment report Dr. Pontius provides practical recommendations, a personalized treatment plan, and referrals to other professionals when appropriate.   Dr. Pontius has an extensive background in the diagnostic assessment of autistic spectrum disorders, attention deficit disorders, learning disabilities and other issues of concern to children, adolescents and adults.  Assessments for autistic spectrum disorders meet the best practices guidelines for psychological assessments established by the California Department of Developmental Services.  Dr. Pontius has done assessments for social service agencies, as well as for public and private schools, and regional center agencies.